About Vibration

Vibrating Training is growing quickly throughout the world. Here is some information that will help you become knowledgeable on the benefits of vibration fitness therapy.

Range of motion 10 mm. – the range of motion for the tilting-Vibration Plate is 10 mm. This movement is actually a circle. The circling motion is much more compatible to the human body and stimulates the blood circulation. The negative effect of the movement on the head, is less. Vertical Vibrations would require that you choose a higher frequency of 30 to 60 Hz. The high-low movement is not a normal movement for the body and so would only be possible for a small range of motion ( amplitude). Combine this with a low frequency and the result would be neglect able and would not have an effect on changing the body.

Adaptability.- The VIBRATION can be used for a diversity of training and massage options because of the adaptability of the machine. The tilting motion, the range-of-motion and the frequency are easy to adapt. The effect will be optimized when used with a personalized individual training program. The basis for the training program is “stimulation is necessary, but not be too much”. Training with VIBRATION equipment means: more results in less time.

Vibration of the head The Vibration of the head, which is the case with most Vibration plates, is experienced by most people as extremely uncomfortable. The dampening of this Vibration is more than 20 times higher with the VIBRATION plate than with comparable Vibration plates (for the same frequency but with a higher amplitude).

The tilting motion, of the vibration equipment, is experienced as a natural movement, this results in less Vibration to the head. The Vibrations are much comfortable and more acceptable. VIBRATION exercise; Multi optional equipment. The tilting Vibration-plate is the most effective personal trainer you can imagine. Ten minutes of ‘vibing’ is comparable with an hour of conventional fitness training and achieves astounding results. The vibrating program options are diverse: a relaxing massage, a workout to lose weight, creating a strong and lean body or revalidation. All are possible with VIBRATION. Which ever goal you chose, with correct coaching, you will have maximal results in a shorter time.

Musculature improvement with vibration
One goal of Vibration Training is to increases the sports and health results by offering the correct stimulation. The stimulation is the contraction of the muscles. The result of the vibration training will decrease if the stimulation is not varied, in type and/or frequency. Vibrations have proven to be a simple and efficient way of stimulating the muscles and achieving better results: So called super compensation fitness.

Activate the blood circulation
An improved blood circulation, warming-up of the muscles and ligaments, ensures that the body is more flexible and that tension is released. This results in a lower injury risk with vibration training.

Vibrating Training Tips and Facts.

Massage and beauty
The skin improves due to the fluid depletion effect that occurs at lower frequencies. The fat cell is massaged and this results in the depletion of fat and fluids. The skin vibration improve the production of keratin, an important building block of the healthy skin. The skin becomes tighter, thus improving the overall look and a more vital feeling through vibrating training.

Cellulite Tips
VIBRATION exercises cause the cohesion in the layers under the skin to be diminished, this results in more movement between the tissue layers. Cellulite is depleted because cohesion of the fat and the skin tissue is lessened. The skin is strengthened and appears healthier. Almost all body parts can be trained and relaxed with the comfort package. The 5 to 12 Hz training results in a massage with vibrating training.

Vitality Facts
The muscles are optimally active during the vibrating training. This improves the blood circulation and the transportation of rest products. This in turn improves the recovery and makes you feel fitter. The body is cleansed without effort. This has a preventive influence on, for instance, infections and improves the vitality and general immunity. Combining this with an improved hormonal profile – a higher testosterone and serotonin level – improves concentration and general wellness.

General relaxation increased flexibility in the neck and shoulders fewer lower back injuries a more favorable hormonal profile that stimulates the creation of testosterone and serotonin the happiness hormone, and a better health balance with vibrating training.