Frequently Asked Questions for Whole Body Vibration Fitness Training – FAQ

Here is a summary of the key points to be aware of when using Whole Body Vibration.

  1. Vibration machines should be used 3 to 4 times a week. A 24 hour rest period between sessions is recommended.
  2. Vibration machines should be not be used more than 10-15 minutes a day.
  3. Correct body positioning on the equipment is very important as an improper use could result in an injury. If it feels wrong, reposition yourself.
  4. WBV workouts effect on muscle tissue is similar or identical as resistance training as far as inducing the catabolic and anabolic responses in the body. It is best to workout different areas on different days, do upper body one day and then lower the next. This gives your different muscles at least a 48 hour rest period between sessions.
  5. Safe amplitude for warm-up, therapy and basic training is 2-3 mm. For warm-up and therapy, increase to 5-6 mm.
  6. Choice of machine type (pivotal or lineal) would depend on goals: therapy, training or both. Using lower frequencies, a pivotal machine would be preferred, using higher frequencies a lineal machine would be preferred. Larger platform and heavier machines are needed for specialized therapy and training. A combination of pivotal and lineal machines would efficiently serve advancing therapy and training goals.
  7. 15 minutes or less a day for 5-6 sessions per week may be safe for weight-loss and muscle toning for short periods. 3 to 4 sessions is recommended. With any type of machine 5-6 sessions per week of 30 minutes per day may increase initial toning and fat loss effect to the body (5-6 weeks), but over a longer period (2-5 months) it could create health disorders in some people ranging from hyperthyroidism, joint problems and other hormonal disorders. Do not over do it, more is not better and does not get better results.
  8. Resistance training and Cardiovascular exercises can be done immediately after or before your WBV workout.
  9. Safety guidelines for resonance frequency:
    1. Pivotal units (0-30 hz)
    2. Lineal units (30-50 hz) – preferred frequency 40 hz

There are some studies showing that vibrations below 20 hz on lineal machines are not healthful for the spine and internal organs, although is has not been throughly proven.