Vibration Fitness is Here to Stay!

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Vibration Training is the fastest growing fitness program in North America due to its adoption by some of the worlds top trainers, doctors and sports teams. A-list Celebrity endorsements have further brought Vibrating Fitness to the forefront of the media and news and introduced the program to the masses. Not only are many gyms using vibration equipment but now vibration exercise centers are popping up all across the country that specialize in Vibrating Training. Last year, superstar singer Madonna was one of the first celebrities to try out the state-of-the-art vibration equipment, but with a price tag of around $10,000 the vibrating exercise machine has been too expensive for most of the public.

Cheryl Cullen, director of online retailer Kitten Kit said: “I’ve been using mine every other day for weeks now and it is amazing I’ve tightened up my bingo wings, lost two inches from my waist and everything is much firmer. You don’t even break out in a sweat and you can do it in your jeans. You can even multitask as you are on it.” Retailer Powerhouse Fitness has stocked the Body Vibrating Plate for a few months. Adam Reid, assistant manager of the chain’s Glasgow city centre branch, said: “We had lots of inquiries prior to stocking them and we expect more to be sold this month.” The new cheaper vibration machines are expected to be a hit after pricier ranges, costing $4500-plus, proved popular.

Vibrating equipment ranges from $13,000 to $1500 for Whole Body Vibration Platforms. These machines allow you to exercise vertically on a vibrating platform on which the intensity can be adjusted to suit the user. The theory is that when the body senses instability (in this case the vibration) the muscles involuntarily contract and stretch to compensate. People who utilize these special vibrating platforms are able to “strengthen and tone” as well — if not better — than traditional strength training “in just 10 minutes a day, three days a week,” on vibration equipment.

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